Welcome to the Midnight Magic Zone! Here you will find a magical place where it's always midnight, and anything can happen! Click on a zone to the left to find magical places to explore. Or choose links on the right to travel to other worlds on the web.


Feb 4, 2024 - Added a web dev page, added a cookie function, set up a hit counter, added preferences for theme and music.
Jan 27, 2024 - Added a few more pages. Some links, and experiments added.
Jan 9, 2024 - Working on making the code better. Trying out webdav + vscode
Dec 30, 2023 - Added a few more pages. Working on getting more content today.
Dec 24. 2023 - Merry Christmas! I got a lot of things done here, but more to go!
Dec 23. 2023 - working on this site!